The Village Mall in partnership with Ugandan Publishing House Sooo Many Stories presents The Fireplace.
We would love people to believe in the art of storytelling again. To believe in the value of our stories and to rekindle the warmth that comes with a shared story. Stories allow us to travel to places in our minds, to build cities and nations, to experience people of other cultures and to create characters that we may never encounter or those that remind us a bit about ourselves. Stories build and destroy people and there is no better way to learn this than by reading. It is as we pass on our stories and as we listen to others’ that we are truly transformed. We learn when we read and we get more creative when we read.
The Fireplace is an event that brings together book lovers of all ages to experience this magic.

Tot Tales is an Interactive book club and this weekend’s is the very first installment in The Fireplace series and features Cathy Kreutter. She has lived in Uganda since 1981 when she first came as a young bride with her husband Tim. Cathy has been the Librarian at the International school of Uganda for 25 years. Both of them are Ugandan citizens and still currently live in Kampala, Uganda. She is the author of I know an Old Mzee Who Swallowed a Fly and Tendo’s Wish and will be reading with us.

Johnmary Mukiza is a Ugandan freelance multimedia artist and along with his own exhibitions in Kampala, he also works commercially illustrating.  Johnmary is also a trained Opera singer and very involved in the Kampala Music school and various musical events and plays around Uganda and the East Africa region.Sooo many kids A5-page-001