This tell-all memoir is a riveting account of how a neglected boy in an unknown village became one of South Africa’s most awarded investigative reporters and found himself at the receiving end of the corruption that had defeated those he helped put in power.
Fearless in the face of corrupt authorities with sinister political motives, and fervent about justice, Wa Afrika’s life was characterised by resistance to oppression and inequality from an early age. Destined to defend and uphold the principles of democracy, his story is the inspiring tale of an ordinary man, armed with a pen, who challenged the proverbial giant.

Mzilikazi wa Afrika has won more than a dozen awards locally and internationally for his work and is currently the chairper­son of the Forum for African Investigative Reporters and sits on the board of the Global Investigative Journalism Network. He is also a musician, song-writer and producer and released a deep-house album, The Icon, in 2008.

The Book launch is set to take place at Book point on first floor which will be followed by a cocktail.